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In complicated family law cases, competent and compassionate legal representation from an attorney who understands the legal system is paramount.  In family law, experience counts when it comes to successfully handling your case.  The family law attorneys at VANDE CASTLE, S.C. are the team to trust when you need a diligent advocate who fights for your rights.


Our family law attorneys will guide you through the process. Whether you’re trying to settle spousal support, arrange a parenting plan, or obtain custody, our attorneys defend your rights and interests.


Family law cases are often contentious and drawn-out.  When factors such as children and higher-value assets enter a dispute, the process can take even longer, cost more, and induce more stress.  However, our family law services are here to protect what matters to you and help to bring your case to a smoother completion. Get the relief you need by calling our attorneys.

  • Divorce

  • Property division

  • Custody/placement disputes, maintenance disputes

  • Child custody

  • Child support

  • Guardianships and protective placemement


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